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Tools for the garden


Here are some tools that Calgary

Horticultu­ral Society president

Christina Smith finds useful in the


Shovel/spade: She likes one that is longer, not too wide and with a stainless-steel blade. “I use it for all sorts of digging, including cutting out sod.”

Trowel: “A heavy, sturdy one is what I like. I went through a few before I found the one I like, and have used it for years.”

Secateurs: She uses medium-sized secateurs (pruning shears) for trimming and light pruning. “A lot of what I do in the perennial garden is just trimming back things over the season, so it doesn’t look too wild.”

Gloves: “Bare hands are great, too! But with gloves, you can dig free of any residual fears of dirt or bugs.” Trug: This is a flexible tote — tough, lightweigh­t and water tight — that she uses to carry things around and mix soil for potting.

content: Other resources with great local - The The Essential Calgary Gardener: Guide to Gardening Volume One in Alberta’s Chinook Country, by the Calgary Horticultu­ral Society — Greengate is a local garden centre; its website offers a lot of general informatio­n useful for new gardeners.

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