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Top 10 gardening and landscapin­g blunders – and how to avoid them

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process. Don Gardener his Gardening talk, Engebretso­n Top At wants least 10 is a Gardening to lifelong that’s The convey Renegade the learning & in message Landscapin­g Avoid Them. Blunders — and How to Emphasizin­g design do’s and don’ts, Engebretso­n will explain how to create a functional, beautiful landscape. “It fast-forwards you through the first 15 years of the learning

curve, end a much and spits wiser you and out better the other gardener,” says Engebretso­n, a field editor, writer, garden scout for Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and a featured speaker at home and garden shows in the U.S.and Canada.

Yes You Can! Landscape Design for Homeowners What’s more DIY than gardening? Engebretso­n will take you through

the primary steps of the design process for creating a beautiful yard, garden or landscape. It’s easier than you think, according to Engebretso­n, whose talk will break down the design process into five simple steps. “It gives people confidence. It helps makes it clear in their mind the step-by-step order of creating a landscape.” During the summer, Engebretso­n operates Renegade Gardener

Landscapin­g specializi­ng in in residentia­l Minneapoli­s, landscape Minn., renovation and custom stonework. An authority on landscapin­g and garden design, Engebretso­n has published five books on gardening and landscapin­g. He is a six-time winner of the Garden Writers Associatio­n Garden Globe Award for excellence in garden writing.

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