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Ornamental grass and perky perennials

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Katrina Diebel, owner of Vale’s Greenhouse in Black Diamond, gears her talks to gardeners of all skill levels.

Whether it’s technical informatio­n for the experience­d gardener, or basic tips for someone who’s just starting out, Diebel offers something for everyone at her presentati­ons, complete with handouts.

Ornamental Grass: Ever Changing Beauty Grasses in the garden are among the most versatile of all plants, and can be used everywhere — from tiny urban plots, to large country gardens. Grasses come in a diversity of sizes, forms, colours and textures. They can be mixed into containers or planted in traditiona­l perennial

borders. or perennial, Whether grasses they provide are annual yearround visual appeal to a garden. In her talk on Ornamental Grasses, Diebel will explain how you can use grasses in your garden or in containers. She will also show you the many species of ornamental grass that flourish in the Calgary area. “Think beyond lawn, think grass,” Diebel says.

36 Perfect, Perky Perennials Diebel has chosen 36 special perennials that any gardener will find useful in his or her garden.

Diebel can help you speed up the process of being a successful gardener with the tips she shares in her presentati­on 36 Perfect, Perky Perennials.

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