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2011 Perennial Plant of the Year


Aruncus dioicus (Goatsbeard, Goat’s Beard)

Family: Rosaceae Zone: Exposure: Full part Height: sun shade. 2-9 to to 180 cm 120 Spread: 90 to 120 cm Appearance: Substantia­l perennial with compound leaves held on fine stems that provide a lacy look. A spectacula­r plant when in flower with large cream plumes that bloom in late June or early July followed by ornamental seed heads in the fall.

Plant Characteri­stics:

n Adds height and mass to shady parts of the garden.

n Will tolerate full sun if evenly moist soil is provided.

n Prefers soil amended with organic matter.

n Can be propagated by division.

n Deer and rabbit resistant.

This perennial adds great presence to shady garden locations. Collective­ly the tiny white flowers create dramatic creamy-white plumes that catch the eye in midsummer. Once the blooms have faded, the bulk of dark green, divided fern-like foliage continues to offer the perfect backdrop for nearby border plants.

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