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ShoeS: Police donate boots


The need for donations, specifical­ly shoes and coats, is one many IODE members had never thought about until Mansfield told them.

“I don’t think any of us knew the extent that the hospital needed these things,” says Beatrice Tully, provincial president of IODE. “We just never thought about it because nobody really brought it up. But once (Mansfield) opened the can of worms, then everybody rallied around, giving shoes and coats.”

“Any time you see a picture in the paper of some accident, they show the shoes on the road,” says IODE communicat­ions officer Elizabeth Parnham.

“It seems to be if you’re in an accident, the first thing you lose is your shoes.”

Seven months ago, a police station volunteer told Const. Jim Forde, volunteer manager of the BraeCentre Community Operated Police Station, about the need for shoes.

As Forde heard more about the program, he began thinking about how police officers get issued two pairs of boots a year.

Forde asked if IODE would be able to use wornout police boots. Soon, a donation box was placed in District 6, asking police officers for their used police boots and shoes from home.

“It’s just a great little program that costs nobody anything and allows us to really help out a lot of people, that don’t even know we’re doing it,” says Forde.

Forde, who’s been with the Calgary police for 30 years, says partnering with IODE allows the police to get involved with the community.

“It’s very rewarding to be quietly behind the scenes assisting another organizati­on and seeing the results,” he says.

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