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Cats with FIV should be kept in


Dear MEOW, What is an FIV positive cat?

— Kirstie

Feline immunodefi­ciency virus (FIV) is found only in cats and cannot be contracted by humans. In years gone by, the veterinary community was very concerned about the infectious aspect of this disease and also the long-term prognosis.

With more research and long term care models such as Best Friends Society in the U.S., we now know that FIV is not readily transmitte­d except in utero or by a serum to blood route such as a deep bites.

Cats with FIV should be kept indoors. They can be happy as single cats but they can live with other cats as long as everyone follows the ‘no fighting, no biting’ rule. Most FIV cats will live long healthy and fulfilled lives.

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