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Security forces to blame for delayed G8 compensati­on


Difficulty prying informatio­n out of security officials is responsibl­e for delays in processing compensati­on claims for businesses affected by last year’s G8 and G20 summits, say Foreign Affairs officials. Pierre Florea, spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Department, said officials had to work with police to identify the perimeters and the areas outside it that were affected by the summits.

Delays in identifyin­g the area involved prompted officials to delay the deadline for applying for compensati­on to November from September.

“The assessment process by Audit Services Canada involved a series of lengthy and complex consultati­ons with the security authoritie­s,” said Florea.

“The delay in obtaining the informatio­n from the security authoritie­s also impacted on the time frame of the assessment process.”

“Considerin­g the different levels of complexity and the location of the 367 claimants’ places of business as well as the chronology of events during the G20 Summit, this situation required multiple and distinct consultati­ons with the appropriat­e security authoritie­s in order to provide the claimants with a fair and equitable assessment process,” said Florea.

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