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Three’s not a crowd


Re: “Bike strategy travelling too fast,” Editorial, June 20

The editorial board thinks three full-time staff working on bike issues is too much too soon. I disagree.

Over the short section of bike pathway between Edworthy Park and the University of Calgary, I count 15 design issues that either put cyclists and pedestrian­s directly at risk, or encourage them to behave in risky ways.

Most of these issues could have been avoided at the design stage for little or no cost. Eventually, they will have to be fixed at a cost that will be in the order of the annual salary for three city administra­tors.

These design problems are the direct result of planning that fails to take account of cycling. They are repeated 1,000 times with every new developmen­t or infrastruc­ture upgrade. Assigning three staff to reengineer a bike-hostile city is a smart investment that will save us money in the long term.

Albi Sole, Calgary

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