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Denim summer looks


Just in time for summer, the experts at Levi’s ( have released a list of the season’s top fashion trends.

1) Chambray, a light material often used for summer shirts, is a great way to turn up the temperatur­e without taking the heat. try lightweigh­t tops and pleated drop-taper pants.

2) Boxy tops add dimension and visual pop, especially when they’re done in bold colours such as navy and coral.

3) Curves are in, and it’s all about shape: choose jeans that flatter your curves, such as the Levi’s Curve Id line with three custom fits based on the measuremen­t between a woman’s hip and seat.

4) Light or white denim washes in skinny jeans make a casual, modern statement paired with a colourful, boxy top.

5) Updated boyfriend fit features a skinnier leg that tapers at the ankle.

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