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Skype execs fired before microsoft deal


Skype Technologi­es SA, the Internet calling service being bought by Microsoft Corp., is firing senior executives before the deal closes, a move that reduces the value of their payout, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Vice-presidents David Gurle, Christophe­r Dean, russ Shaw and Don Albert were dismissed from the Luxembourg-based company, said the people, who requested anonymity because the departures aren’t public. chief marketing officer Doug Bewsher and Anne Gillespie, head of human resources, were also fired. Executives ramu Sunkara and Allyson Campa, from the 2011 Qik purchase, were also let go.

The timing of the dismissals means stock options will be worth less than if the executives stayed until the closing of the $8.5-billion deal, the people said. When a company gets bought, compensati­on is often tied to the purchase price, said Neil Sims, a managing director at Boyden, a search firm.

 ??  ?? russ Shaw
russ Shaw

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