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Jays’ Romero frustrated hurler


Ricky Romero’s frustratio­n has been building. He’s pitched with meagre run support for much of the season, and he’s never shifted the blame from his own shoulders when he loses.

But after Monday’s loss — 2-0 to the Braves in Atlanta, in which he made one bad pitch among 100 — Romero said the Toronto Blue Jays’ offence cannot continue to depend entirely on Jose Bautista and Adam Lind.

“We can’t rely on Bautista, we can’t rely on Lind,” he said after pitcher Tim Hudson’s two-run homer in the seventh ruined his night. “We’ve got to get somebody else to step up. . . . Those guys are getting pitched around.”

Romero is 6-7. The Blue Jays have lost nine of Romero’s 15 starts. In those losses, they have scored a total of 13 runs.

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