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Kansas Mega Millions winner collects cheque for $110.5M


The world-record $656-million Mega Millions jackpot found a winner Friday in Kansas, but two-thirds of the winnings have yet to be claimed a full week after the lottery was drawn.

Kansas lottery chief Dennis Wilson said his state’s winner turned up at his offices in Topeka shortly before noon with a lawyer and financial officer in tow and a request to stay out of the headlines.

“We were so thrilled to meet with the winner earlier today and welcome the winner to the Kansas millionair­e family,” Wilson said.

“Even though the winner has elected to remain anonymous, there is great reason for celebratio­n across the state.”

Careful not to disclose the winner’s age, hometown or even gender, wilson said he or she had opted for a single cheque for $110.5 million — a third of the jackpot minus taxes — in lieu of 26 yearly instalment­s. Tickets with the winning combinatio­n of 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 plus Mega Ball 23 — drawn last Friday — were sold in Illinois, Kansas and maryland amid a nun precedente­d nationwide lottery-buying frenzy.

Wilson said the winner, a regular lottery player, was unaware of his or her Mega Millions windfall before checking the ticket number on Monday.

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