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Marine faces dismissal for anti-obama online posts


A U.S. marine faces possible dismissal after posting critical remarks on Facebook about President Barack Obama, with a review board recommendi­ng a less than honourable discharge.

Sgt. Gary Stein, 26, a nineyear veteran, posted comments on Facebook and other websites calling Obama a coward and “the economic and religious enemy,” a Marine Corps board was told during an all-day hearing on Thursday.

Stein had urged Obama’s defeat in the November election, writing “screw Obama” in one posting, and had founded a website called Armed Forces Tea Party, apparently in support of the ultraconse­rvative Tea Party movement.

On one site he sold bumper stickers reading “NOBAMA 2012.”

The three-member board meeting at Camp Pendleton, a military base in southern California, announced its decision on Thursday. The final decision will be made by a commanding general.

Stein had no comment after the decision, but Mark Brewer, one of his civilian lawyers, said: “We’re disappoint­ed but we’re going to keep fighting for this marine.”

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