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Slippery slope


Re: “Wildrose in favour of conscience rights,” April 5.

Danielle Smith says she, as leader of the Wildrose party, will ensure conscience rights for marriage commission­ers and health profession­als? What if a marriage commission­er objects to marrying an interracia­l couple? Will that be defended as well? If a person’s religious beliefs can be used to justify denying same-sex marriage rights, then the large number of biblical references condemning interracia­l marriage could surely be used by a marriage commission­er to refuse to marry an interracia­l couple.

The problem with allowing so-called conscience rights is that they don’t only apply to one’s own bigotries; they will, by default, apply to any religious bigotries. Conversely, we could decide, as a province, that Premier Alison Redford has it right when she says all Albertans have a right to feel welcomed, respected and included.

Sarah Stelfox, Calgary

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