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Biblical basis


I was undecided between the PC and the Wildrose party, but was leaning toward the Wildrose for their economic stance. Now hearing that Premier Alison Redford does not value conscience rights, I will be backing the Wildrose party. Ironically, we are losing freedom in this country on the back of supporting others’ rights. We are not allowed to have a thought that says something is wrong or right.

If there is no moral right or wrong then why even have judges? If you are a believer of the Bible, then it is clearly morally wrong to have homosexual relations and abort babies. God has given us all a choice to obey that or not. The Bible tells us all have sinned and so we are all guilty, whether from homosexual­ity, fornicatio­n, lying, greed or any number of sins. Those who practise that are no worse than the rest of us and should not be treated differentl­y.

However, as a Christian who has accepted Christ’s forgivenes­s, I should not have to be forced to sin or give up my job because I will not abort a child or marry a homosexual couple. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, atheist or agnostic, wake up, because our freedom rights are slowly being taken away.

Deb Mantik, Calgary

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