Calgary Herald

Golden opportunit­y


The circumstan­ces of the provincial election are unusual for Alberta. Two right-leaning parties are duking it out. This split on the right offers a rare opportunit­y for those voters of the centre and centre left to do something very unusual — win some seats!

Statistics from recent elections indicate that if the Conservati­ves had been confronted with a unified progressiv­e vote, they would have lost in a significan­t number of constituen­cies. Changealbe­rta http:// www.changealbe­ will tally trends that might indicate a winnable seat for a small-p progressiv­e candidate, regardless of party affiliatio­n. Strategic voting has its place. And this democracy belongs to us, the people of Alberta. We are free to do with it as we see fit. Vote! Phil Burpee, Pincher Creek Phil Burpee is a member of Changealbe­rta’s advisory


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