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As I ponder on whom to vote for, I become increasing­ly agitated. We have 21 MLAS who accepted money for doing nothing. They seem to think, “Well, we got caught; let’s give it back and we can go on our merry way.” I believe that if the Canadian Taxpayers Federation had not made the public aware of this misdeed, the members would still be happy to collect their $1,000 per month. All parties had members on this committee. So whom do I vote for?

The PC party had to force members to pay back money. Brian Mason thinks it is all right to get paid for doing nothing, so Rachel Notley refuses to pay back. Wildrose MLA Paul Hinman thinks we should pay him more. To top it all off, all parties are trying to bribe me with my own hard-earned tax dollars.

So, people, get out and vote so our MLAS can get back to feasting at the public trough.

Lloyd Koshman, Calgary

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