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Serving another slice of raunchy Pie

Biggs, Scott back for more in sequel


The guy who had sex with a pie. That’s how most fans still identify Jason Biggs, even though it’s been 13 years since the actor partook in an infamous act of experiment­al copulation with a dessert in American Pie. The R-rated raunchfest set the bar for dirty high school comedies and launched the careers of many of its young stars, including Seann William Scott, still known to many as the party-loving Stifler.

Both actors were featured in the two theatrical sequels to Pie, the last of which was released nine years ago. Now, Biggs, 33, and Scott, 35, are back in American Reunion, which brings the Class of 1999 back to its Michigan hometown for a get-together.

We caught up with the pair at — where else? — House of Pies.

Question: You’re already on your third cup of coffee, Jason. Has the press tour been exhausting?

Biggs: The last time I did a press tour that was this extensive was for the third American Pie, and that was nine years ago. Well, I guess my body has changed a lot in the last nine years. Back then, I was single, and I’d go out at night from dinner to drinks, go out with local people and party, and then roll into the publicity obligation­s in the morning with energy. Now, I lay down for a nap at 6 p.m. and wake up at 6 a.m. the next day. One glass of Champagne and I’m like, “What happened last night, baby? Do I have a Mike Tyson tattoo on my face?”

Q: How did landing American Pie change your career?

Scott: I was working at Home Depot. There were a lot of teen movies coming out, but this particular one seemed to have a buzz about it. So I quit Home Depot.

Biggs: It was the biggest high to date for me.

Scott: But the part didn’t hurt.

Biggs: It was a lot different afterward. I totally realized that it was largely superficia­l and absolutely ridiculous and thought most of the people that were interested in me because of (fame) were absolutely ridiculous. But I’m also a young, virile man . . . that has opportunit­ies now. And these opportunit­ies need to be capitalize­d upon for the sake of men everywhere.

Q: So it was a fun time in your life.

Biggs: The travel was also amazing. My first stamp on a passport was because of the first American Pie press trip. . . . With my first paycheque, I went and bought myself a bed. I had been sleeping on a futon for a year and a half.

Q: Reunion cast members Tara Reid, Chris Klein, Natasha Lyonne and even Seann all went to rehab. Do you think that was a result of experienci­ng fame at a young age?

Biggs: I don’t think any of us felt the pressure during the first one. For me, it was subsequent to it that you realize this is a business and there are demands and expectatio­ns when the sequel happens. For the first movie we were just kids having fun.

Q: Your roles in this franchise have become so well known. Has that made it difficult to branch out in Hollywood?

Biggs: People still think, for whatever reason — even though I (had sex with) a pie — that I am this wholesome boy-next-door. It’s still difficult. That’s what people know me for, and it’s easier for people to cast you in that, even 13 years later.

Q: You must embrace the role of Jim now, since you’re reprising it.

Biggs: I’m in the place right now in my life where I really am accepting of it. American Pie is a great gift. It really is. I think there’s been a few different stages for me. . . . There was a bit of pigeonholi­ng in terms of the roles I was trying to get. And there was a time when that was frustratin­g, and kind of scary. But then you realize, “Oh, I’m getting parts. I’m working.” I do different parts — and they might not be as well received or popular as doing Jim in American Pie. But you know, I’m still young.

 ?? Courtesy, Universal Pictures ?? Stifler, played by Seann William Scott, left, and Jim, played by Jason Biggs, do a few shots in American Reunion, the latest sequel to the R-rated raunchfest American Pie.
Courtesy, Universal Pictures Stifler, played by Seann William Scott, left, and Jim, played by Jason Biggs, do a few shots in American Reunion, the latest sequel to the R-rated raunchfest American Pie.

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