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Cotton & Italian mandarin


WHAT THE SCENT EVOKES: Energy. The citrusy smell of mandarin — or grapefruit, lemons and limes, for that matter — triggers a response in the face’s trigeminal nerve, Hirsch says, that “causes you to be more alert and awake.” Interestin­gly, he adds that, according to his research, the smell of pink grapefruit “makes a man see a woman as six years younger.”

HOW TO USE IT: The combinatio­n of linen and orange should go in a bedroom, says Seldon, because it’s the place “where Canadians go to recharge their batteries” and re-energize. “You want touches of luxury, like beautiful sheets, a beautiful vase with a sprig of orange blossoms and even something small, like a piece of art work. You don’t have to have a lot of colour to make a big impression.” The one thing you shouldn’t have in the bedroom? Technology. “This should be the one place where you can retreat in every sense of the word and step out of your busy life.”

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