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Fuji apple & cardamom


WHAT THE SCENT EVOKES: Relief from pain and anxiety. “Green apple has very positive effects,” Hirsch says. “It can reduce the duration of migraine. It may act to reduce anxiety, which makes headaches worse. It also makes people perceive that space is larger.” Plus, green apple, banana and peppermint can control appetite because it triggers the “mechanics of sensoryspe­cific satiety.”

HOW TO USE IT: For Seldon, apple and the spiciness of cardamom reflect a perfect fusion of masculine and feminine. In an interior, that means marrying feminine shapes (globes, curves and softer lines) with strong angles. “Strong lines make us feel secure. Both sexes are drawn to a masculine interior, they speak to stability,” she says. Continue the balance of male-female by marrying splashes of green apple with burnt orange and brown in small architectu­ral items.

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