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Pineapple & mangosteen


WHAT THE SCENT EVOKES: Positive body perception. The sweet fruitiness of pineapple and spicy evergreen of tropical mangosteen make a man see a woman as 12 pounds lighter than she really is, Hirsch says. “It’s the equivalent of wearing vertical lines to look slimmer.” But the spicy-floral combinatio­n doesn’t work on how women perceive men, he notes. “Nothing significan­t affects a woman’s view of a man. They’re too good at estimating weight and age.”

HOW TO USE IT: Fresh and lively oranges and yellows will bring a tropical zing to your room, Seldon says. Where Canadians once eschewed bold colours, “it’s really exciting when a client asks me to introduce yellow drapery. That’s something we haven’t seen in a decade, but it makes sense since the colour of the year was Pantone’s tangerine orange. It’s on everyone’s mind.”

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