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Five tips to re-energize your home


Inject a room with colour and patterns using pillows, accent vases and small, inexpensiv­e architectu­ral pieces or artwork. “Very little colour goes a long way when it’s contrastin­g,” says interior designer Kimberley Seldon.

Edit your space and de-accumulate. “When you really want to appreciate the beauty of your surroundin­gs, you want to eliminate things that don’t jive anymore,” she says.

Add a splash of paint. If you’re not ready for a full paint job, choose an accent wall and add a warm colour that will accentuate sunshine coming through windows.

And speaking of windows: do a spring cleaning, paying special attention to your windows. “Really, winter is terrible for an accumulati­on of dust and dirt outside,” she says. “Clean the windows and let more sun in.”

Play with all the senses. Use incense sparingly — it creates a heavier scent that doesn’t dissipate easily. Rather, choose essential oils or diffusers, like Glade Expression­s, a new line of trendy-looking room diffusers that are pretty enough to display.

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