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Cornstarch great for absorbing oil


Hi Reena, A friend of mine just came back from lunch at a restaurant and found an oil and balsamic vinegar stain on her orange leather Michael Kors purse. Any idea on how to remove the stain without removing the gorgeous orange colour? Thanks.

— Margaret Dear Margaret, Onto the stain sprinkle either: cornstarch, baby powder or baking soda, until all the grease is absorbed. Dawn dish soap is also effective, but test on an inconspicu­ous area first. Hi Reena, Just before we stored our motor home for the winter, we discovered that my husband accidental­ly left a pack of ground beef in the fridge, so I used baking soda and bleach to try to get rid of the smell, but it’s still there. Is there another solution? Thanks kindly.

— Lorna Dear Lorna, If possible, disconnect and empty the fridge and clean the entire box with a liberal amount of vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil and water. Dry and then stuff the fridge with crumpled-up newspaper. Leave for a week. The ink in newspapers is an absolutely wonderful solution for zapping odours! Hot car tips To avoid crashing into your garage wall while parking your car, lay a railroad tie as far as you want your car to drive. Carefully drive your car inside the garage until the front wheels touch the wood.

Store extra towels inside your vehicle to throw over the seats and steering wheel to keep hands and legs from burning when getting into a hot car.

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