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Tonight’s SNL should be a hit


Modern Family’s Gloria Delgado-pritchett is unlike any character we’ve seen on television in quite some time — if ever — and it’s made Colombian actor Sofia Vergara a household name.

“I know you can’t tell by looking at me, but I’m not a natural homemaker,” Gloria says in an episode of the Emmy Award-winning hit comedy series, Modern Family. That’s an understate­ment. Gloria is unapologet­ic for her obvious sex appeal, enviable curves and overall feistiness. She’s flamboyant, spirited, and not afraid to speak her mind — much like Vergara herself. The 39-year-old has a gift for comic delivery, often providing some of Modern Family’s funniest moments.

Vergara, who likes to poke fun at her sex-symbol image, gets the chance to prove her comedic talents away from Modern Family tonight as host of Saturday Night Live. The show tends to be hit or miss, but tonight should be hit.

The biggest boy band on the planet right now, U.K. pop group One Direction, is tonight’s musical guest. One of the band members, 18-year-old Harry Styles, has admitted to having a big crush Vergara, publicly stating he’d like to have sex with her. He’s far from the only one; Vergara has appeared near the top of almost every men’s magazine and website’s “hot” list, including being voted No. 1 on Ask Men’s Top 99 “most desirable” famous women of 2012. So, it’s a pretty safe assumption that SNL will indeed have fun with Vergara’s sexy status. It’s likely not a coincidenc­e that a boy band and a bombshell are appearing together on the venerable show.

It’s hard to believe Vergara once studied pre-dentistry for three years at a university in her native Colombia. But fate intervened while she was walking on a beach one day and was discovered by a photograph­er. After some modelling and television work, Vergara made the move, not to Hollywood, but to Miami, before landing the role as the hot-tempered, vivacious Gloria on Modern Family, a role that has earned her nomination­s for two Golden Globes, two Emmys and three Screen Actors Guild awards.

Vergara graces the May issue of Vanity Fair alongside her female TV counterpar­ts: Homeland‘s Claire Danes, Shameless’s Emmy Rossum, Good Wife Julianna Margulies and Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery. In the upcoming issue, Vergara talks about the success of Modern Family, which didn’t come as a big surprise to her: “After the first episode aired, I was getting recognized all over . . . so we all knew that it was a good one.” (Global – 11:35 p.m., NBC – 12:30 a.m.)

For the kids, there’s a daytime movie marathon of familyfrie­ndly fare starting with The Little Rascals, followed by Bee Movie, The Flintstone­s and The Muppets. (Bravo – 5 a.m.)

It’s not Easter or Passover weekend without The Ten Commandmen­ts, the movie that is. Cecil B. demille’s epic spectacle about Moses leading an exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land, is grandiose in every way. (ABC – 8 p.m.)

 ??  ?? Sofia Vergara guest hosts.
Sofia Vergara guest hosts.

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