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Flames show respect for Selanne


Don’t believe the hype, say Flames forwards Alex Tanguay and Michael Cammalleri.

Sure, this could be the last-ever game for Anaheim Ducks star Teemu Selanne — but, honestly, that is hard to swallow.

Mainly because the Finnish Flash, even at 41 years of age, has game. Lots of it.

“I think he’s got some more — he’s still playing so well,” said Tanguay. “He’s a guy that enjoys life very much. And I’m hoping we’re going to see him a little bit longer.”

Added Cammalleri: “The first thought that comes to mind when you say it could be his last game, I say, ‘Yeah, right.’ He’s probably going to come back next year and score 40 goals.”

Selanne — with 1,341 games (including today’s) and 1,406 points (not including today’s) — has not declared, one way or the other, what his intentions are for 2012-13.

With 66 points, he’s tied for 30th — with Jarome Iginla — in league scoring.

“He’s right up there — look at his numbers and they speak for themselves,” said Cammalleri. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. I think everybody around the game does, and deservedly so. He’s always been a premier player and a class act as far as I can see.”

With the Colorado Avalanche in 2003-04, Tanguay had crossed paths with Selanne.

“You could see all the talent he had,” said Tanguay. “You look at him now. He’s 40, 41? The ability he has to skate . . . he’s just an outstandin­g player. He’s been a gift to the game.”

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