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How to deal with workplace substance abuse


How can you tell if a coworker might have a substance abuse problem, and what should you do about it? Here are tips from experts:

Watch for signs: Indication­s that an employee might have a substance abuse problem include ab- sences without notificati­on, frequent disappeara­nces from the work site, work performanc­e that alternates between high and low productivi­ty, and progressiv­e deteriorat­ion in personal appearance and hygiene.

Small-business vulnerabil­ity: Businesses without substance abuse policies can be particular­ly vulnerable.

Hurtful helping: Don’t be an enabler by concealing substance abusers’ poor work performanc­e or lending them money.

Don’t intervene on your own: Drug and alcohol addictions are complex problems that should be handled by profession­als.

If you’re the boss, don’t delay taking action.

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