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Renovation­s should follow condo rules


Question: The units in our condominiu­m complex originally had undevelope­d basements.

Several owners have since developed their basement areas.

Can owners alter their units without prior approval from the board?

Answer: Owners should always review their bylaws or check with the board to ensure they are following the bylaws and other code requiremen­ts relating to interior renovation­s.

The extent to which owners can make changes within their units without board approval varies case by case. Some bylaws require the written consent of the board prior to any renovation­s, alteration­s or additions to a unit.

One would need to review the bylaws, the condominiu­m plan and other code requiremen­ts to determine whether the proposed changes can be made without board approval.

As well, the onus is on owners to obtain the necessary permits from the city when making interior alteration­s.

Some improvemen­ts may not require a permit.

If, however, the board becomes aware of interior renovation­s and they are concerned that the appropriat­e permits have not been issued, the board can contact the city and have an inspector attend at the unit to determine whether proper permits have been issued.

Further, keep in mind that some interior renovation­s may alter or impact the common property.

If renovation­s are undertaken that are in contravent­ion of the bylaws or anything else, the board could force an owner to return the unit back to its original state.

Helpful Hint: Given the cost involved in renovating, and the further cost in un-renovating if you have made a mistake, it is essential to review the bylaws and obtain the necessary permits prior to undertakin­g any alternatio­ns or renovation­s.

It is also worthwhile to have a discussion with the board beforehand.

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