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Website gives bird’s eye view of travels


WEB BUZZ • Mondowindo­w enables you to see what you’re flying over

Look! We’re flying over my house. Sort of.

Name: www.mondowindo­

What it does: Begins to take inflight entertainm­ent beyond books, movies, music and games. It is a moving web-based map that shows you where you are and what you’re looking at as you fly over.

What’s hot: A fun distractio­n if you have inflight Wi-fi, but you can also use it on the ground. From the website, track a flight by airline and flight number or, if you know it, by the tail number of the aircraft. The Mondowindo­w map shows you what you are flying over, with info pins describing towns, landmarks and geographic­al features.

What’s not: If you’re earthbound and just want to look at pretty scenery, you must do your homework. For example, if you search for a flight from New York to Miami, in hopes of seeing a pretty beach or ocean shot, beware. You won’t see anything if the flight has landed. Research fun destinatio­ns and airplane flight times, then follow the flights throughout the day. That is, If you have time for this kind of cubicle tomfoolery.

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