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An absence of guidelines


Re: “Acquitted,” April 22.

I am very disturbed by the outcome of the Mike Duffy trial, not because he was vindicated of all charges, but because it shows how loose the Senate rules are on expenses.

The judge described them as “broad” and “unorthodox.”

The judge’s ruling revealed that there are little or no guidelines in place, giving Senators carte blanche when it comes to spending taxpayers’ dollars. For example, on the issue of Senator Duffy’s principle residence, the judge said there were no rules on what constitute­s principle residence.

If there are little or no rules, it’s no wonder the Senate is such a mess, an embarrassm­ent and a disgrace to democracy (see Patrick Brazeau).

Why is it that Canadian taxpayers and corporatio­ns have very strict guidelines when it comes to expenses while nonelected members of the Senate can use the public purse with very little guidance or accountabi­lity? Leon Cygman, Airdrie

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