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Build arena on Stampede grounds


Re: “Arena plan hits $1.8B hurdle,” April 21.

Calgary NEXT has not excited Calgarians. The drawings show it as an ugly mausoleum on a flood plain with poor access and no parking.

While the Flames want the two facilities in the same place, this is not the best solution. McMahon Stadium needs a facelift, but it is only filled 12 times a year, when the Stampeders play there.

The Saddledome has fulfilled its mission, but it is in the best location. It is close to transit, has excellent parking, and is on the Stampede grounds.

This proposal leaves the creosote issue for the city to handle. It minimizes the cost to citizens. The Flames owners need to dig into their wallets, but they are the only ones who must do so. Philip E. Carr, Calgary

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