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Cosby accuser appeals dismissal Bieber angers Prince fans


A former teen actress is appealing a ruling that threw out her defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby that involves claims the actor drugged and molested her. Renita Hill, 48, argues Cosby and others defamed her when they challenged accusation­s Hill and other women made in going public in 2014. A U.S. federal judge had dismissed her suit in January after ruling the Cosby camp’s comments were protected by the First Amendment. But a fellow judge in Massachuse­tts has allowed a similar defamation suit filed by seven Cosby accusers to move forward. Justin Bieber has infuriated Prince fans with a comment about the late musician on social media. He enraged fans by disagreein­g to a post made by singer-songwriter Andrew Watt on Instagram that described him as, “the last of the greatest living performers.” “Well not the last greatest living performer,” Canadian-born Bieber wrote in a response that has since been deleted.

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