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Right-wing policies fail


Re: “How soon we forget the economic carnage of left-wing policies,” Fred Kerr, Opinion, April 20.

Fred Kerr’s column is nonsense. It’s true that the taxation rates in Scandinavi­an countries are higher, but they’re among the happiest countries in the world. Their unemployme­nt rates are lower than in the U.S.

The highest rates of unemployme­nt in the U.K. in recent years were under the reign of Margaret Thatcher. Currently, the only people who benefit from the rightwing U.K. government’s policies are the rich.

Food banks, unknown in my younger years, are now common and very necessary.

It’s also true that Alberta’s unemployme­nt rate is unacceptab­le, but to criticize Premier Rachel Notley is wrong. If our economy had been less dependent on oil and gas, we would be better off.

The right-wing, trickledow­n economic theory is utterly discredite­d. James Currie, Calgary

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