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Turn: Washington’s Spies


Season 3 of this criminally underrated historical drama set during the U.S. Revolution­ary War finds the inner politician in Ian Kahn’s pre-presidenti­al George Washington starting to emerge, in a new episode called Valedictio­n. The main storyline finds Abe (Jamie Bell) covering up a murder with the help of an unlikely accomplice. Meanwhile, Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman), still not known to be a traitor, abuses his power as he settles into a new home in Philadelph­ia. (AMC Canada)


The harsh realities of a brutal and unforgivin­g winter season set in on a new episode called The Yukon Way. Pat knows he’s running out of options as his last hope for meat looks to be in jeopardy, while Charlie and James rush to save a home that slid into a creek. (Discovery)


The soon-to-end sitcom returns to start its final run of new episodes with Weekend With Birdie, with the show’s title couple taking different stances on a stray dog Mike (Billy Gardell) brings home. Clearly, he’s pleased to have the canine around, but Molly (Melissa McCarthy) — not so much. (CBS, City)


The season finale leaves Lucifer (Tom Ellis) with doubts about the quest he’s been on when he ends up framed for a murder. Chloe (Lauren German) tries to help him clear his name by finding the killer but, as one might expect in this case, it’s not a simple pursuit. Whatever happens, it’s not the end: the show has been renewed for a second season. (Fox, CTV)


Also seen lately on Heartbeat, Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project) guest stars as a former team colleague who becomes an enemy in the adventure’s secondseas­on finale, Toby or Not Toby. The ex-Scorpion member kidnaps Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and threatens him with death unless Walter (Elyes Gabel) and the others meet a carefully thought-out series of demands. (CBS, City)

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