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Parents shoulder financial burden


Re: “Private schools save money,” Opinion, Deani Van Pelt and Jason Clemens, April 23.

This column neglected to mention the taxpayer cost of home education. The 201516 funding for one child in home education was $1,664. (Half goes to the supervisin­g school board and parents get the other half.) Thus, parents who home-school their child save taxpayers $11,570 per year.

Parents can’t home-school a child in seven subjects, embracing all learning styles, on a measly $832 per year. Thus, parents pay 90 per cent of the funds required to properly educate a child out of their own pockets and receive no tax breaks for it.

Leave no child behind. Raise the funding amount for traditiona­l home-schooling to adequately reflect true materials and resource costs that are currently invisible to the government bean counters. Judy Arnall, Calgary

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