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NDP supports choice in education


Albertans want predictabl­e funding for education, not political games.

That’s what I’ve heard while talking to parents around the province. Some choose to send their kids to public school, as mine did. Some turn to alternativ­es, such as charter or private schools. Some decide to keep their youngsters home to teach them.

Our government’s recent budget supports choice in education.

We will dedicate $45 million per day to ensure students receive an education that enriches their lives and prepares them for careers in a diversifie­d economy.

We will fund every new student entering our public, private and charter schools, and we will maintain grants for students, such as indigenous youngsters and those learning English, who face barriers to success.

Parents, school trustees and other education partners have rallied behind our budget. It seems only members of the opposition parties don’t agree with our approach. They would prefer to cut billions from classrooms. Their fiscal plans would force schools to fire thousands of teachers and to crowd more students into every classroom.

We believe in stability for our schools. More than 1,000 teachers will be added to classrooms because of the funding we committed this year and last.

I am proud to be a part of a government that stands behind our students. David Eggen, Edmonton David Eggen is Alberta’s minister of education.

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