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June Warren-Nickle’s Energy Group (JWN) provides key informatio­n, intelligen­ce and insight to help Canada’s energy industry steer a successful course.

The company, which can trace its roots back more than 75 years, produces a variety of products and services including the flagship Oilweek magazine and Daily Oil Bulletin.

But JWN is always evolving to help ensure that during challengin­g time sits clients stay informed, have the ability to connect with their customers and partners and can grow their businesses while they do it, says vice-president of sales operations Donovan Volk.

“We connect our clients with their customers and partners — both new and existing — so they can work together on innovative solutions that help reduce costs and improve efficienci­es. We help them grow their businesses by identifyin­g where the opportunit­ies will be and helping ensure their message is heard,” he says.

The firm has made four strategic shift sin it score offerings, says Volk: enhancing the Daily Oil Bulletin, expanding the firm’ s digital and web capabiliti­es, growing distributi­on and coverage beyond Canada and investing in new capabiliti­es such as in research and advisory services.

“While other news sites aggregate articles from across the web, the Daily Oil Bulletin offers insights and perspectiv­es that only real people can provide ,” says Volk.

“We have invested in new business intelligen­ce tools that provide clients the ability to unlock the secrets and trends from the millions of pieces of data we collect from across the industry.”

The new website includes original content from JWN editors and industry experts plus offers new insights from experts in technology innovation, oilsands and heavy oil developmen­t, pipeline and distributi­on sectors and investment specialist­s.

“Our digital archives will consist of thousands of articles, info graphics and white papers from decades of serving the energy market, and this entires ervice is free,” says Volk.

The company has increased the print distributi­on of both its Oilweek and Oilsands Review magazines by 50 per cent and has incorporat­ed more content into each edition.

There is also a new emphasis on research and advisory services.

“Our understand­ing of the market and rich data sets have allowed us to produce original research and insights that help our clients gaina deeper level of understand­ing and connection with their customers than ever before,” says Volk.

He says the greatest achievemen­t of a leader is to build a legacy that outlasts them.

“Our journey to become June Warren-Nickle’s Energy Group and now, in 2016, JWN, means that we have survived the economic turmoil of at least three significan­t boom-bust cycles and emerged stronger than before. That requires leaders who understand the market, their clients and the capabiliti­es of their staff and have the fortitude to make decisions that will ensure the betterment of everyone involved — clients, staff and the community we live in.”

 ??  ?? The JWN executive team includes, from left, Gordon Lindenberg, Bemal Mehta, Donovan Volk and Bill Whitelaw.
The JWN executive team includes, from left, Gordon Lindenberg, Bemal Mehta, Donovan Volk and Bill Whitelaw.

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