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Severide (Taylor Kinney) may face a longer-than-expected babysittin­g stint when Det. Holloway’s (guest star Jenny Mollen) courtroom appearance goes in an unexpected direction, in the new episode The Last One for Mom. An art-gallery fire leads Cruz (Joe Minoso) to make a snap decision, and a package delivered to Casey (Jesse Spencer) generates an ethical problem. (NBC, Global)


In the new episode, Interferen­ce, Det. Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and the team investigat­e the murder of a suburban mom, but the case takes a drastic turn when they learn the victim’s ill child has been abducted. Angie and Det. Paula Mazur (Karen LeBlanc) must race against the clock to find him. (CTV)


A furious Yolanda takes her friends to task for questionin­g her health issues as the reunion continues, in the new episode Reunion Part Two. That exchange leads to tears and apologies, but other old wounds are reopened when Kyle’s sister, Kim Richards, returns to talk about her difficult, tabloid-ready year. (Slice)


Jimmy (John Stamos) tries to turn back the calendar in the new episode — Jimmy’s 50th, Again — as the arrival of his 51st birthday puts him in denial. He decides to have the party for his 50th a second time, but in the process of staging it, he realizes how much has changed for him in a year — thanks to the family he didn’t know he had. (ABC, City)

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