Our KIDs wILL PAy FOr Fu­turE OLyMPICs

Calgary Herald - - EDITORIAL -

I be­lieve a five-year-old in 2026 would rather be able to go out­side and play. But with record-set­ting tem­per­a­tures, flood­ing, wild­fires, smoke, drought and ex­treme storms, the chances of play­ing out­doors are be­ing sig­nif­i­cantly re­duced world­wide.

The Olympic Games have one of the high­est car­bon foot­prints of any event on the planet. Over 1.5 mil­lion people flew to the 2018 Win­ter Olympics in South Korea. You also have the car­bon cost of build­ing new venues, and trans­port­ing people to and from the dif­fer­ent events.

Not long ago, a TV com­mer­cial fea­tured an Olympian boast­ing about driv­ing 600 kilo­me­tres a day to prac­tise some sport few people care about. If this is the kind of stu­pid­ity the Olympics in­spire, we could do with a lot less of it.

TV rat­ings showed that vir­tu­ally no one un­der 30 watched the 2018 Olympics.

These are the par­ents of that 2026 five-year-old. If the par­ents aren’t watch­ing the Olympics, there is no way the kids are watch­ing.

But they’ll pay for them, en­vi­ron­men­tally, and with higher taxes.

Robert Clark, Cal­gary


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