Cut­ting emis­sions ac­com­plishes lit­tle

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Re: Anti-car­bon tax’s dirty lit­tle se­cret, Opin­ion, Oct. 6 An­drew Coyne wrote a clever ar­ti­cle with a catchy ti­tle, that ba­si­cally pro­claims that any al­ter­na­tive to car­bon tax would be more ex­pen­sive in achiev­ing the same ef­fect in re­duc­ing CO2 emis­sions and/ or meet­ing Paris agree­ment tar­gets.

I trust An­drew Coyne and his staff have done ap­pro­pri­ate re­search into the var­i­ous al­ter­na­tive ap­proaches to in­flu­enc­ing CO2 emis­sions re­duc­tions and so I’m in­clined to be­lieve his view­point, ex­cept for one small thing — re­duc­ing CO2 emis­sions has lit­tle or no pos­si­bil­ity of af­fect­ing global tem­per­a­ture.

That’s right. Just as the global tem­per­a­ture has not gone up (in fact it has been com­ing down) while CO2 con­tin­ues to go up, there is no rea­son for us to ex­pect that re­duc­ing CO2 would have any im­pact on tem­per­a­ture.

So, let’s scrap the car­bon tax and pull out of the Paris agree­ment. Then we can have a fresh start at un­der­stand­ing what is re­ally driv­ing our cli­mate.

Bill Judd, Cal­gary


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