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If you have been think­ing about start­ing a diet, then you are go­ing to want to stop what you’re do­ing, grab pen, pa­per and read this ar­ti­cle right away.

Ac­cord­ing to the new­est data on obe­sity re­leased by Statis­tics Canada; adult Cana­di­ans are be­com­ing more obese. Now I am not sure if that sur­prises you but it does not sur­prise me for two rea­sons.

Rea­son 1: Did you know that if you type the words ‘weight loss diet’ in Google about 1,090,000,000 re­sults will show up?

Rea­son 2: Did you also know that peo­ple have been in­vent­ing di­ets for over 150 years? One of the first di­ets was cre­ated in 1863 when Wil­liam Bant­ing in­vented the first low-carb diet. Let’s think about that for a mo­ment. We have ac­cess to over 150 years’ worth of re­search and sci­ence at our fin­ger­tips about di­ets but we still haven’t fig­ured out weight loss?

Weight loss is ob­vi­ously a very con­fus­ing in­dus­try, full of gim­mick di­ets such as all pro­tein, all juice, no carbs, no food, magic pills, and a countless amount of other di­ets. Once we stop th­ese di­ets we gain the weight back and then some — which is very harm­ful to our health.

I think its time that we all give up di­et­ing and just start liv­ing health­ier lives! We don’t need to be per­fect. All we have to do is make health­ier de­ci­sions in our ev­ery­day life. It’s easy! We can start small by cov­er­ing half of ev­ery plate with fresh or­ganic green veg­eta­bles (in­clud­ing your break­fast plate), walk 30 min­utes a day, drink the right amount of good clean wa­ter for your body. Make sure the prod­ucts you use and the peo­ple you spend time with are toxic free, keep a pos­i­tive men­tal at­ti­tude, etc.

If you want to have a real weight man­age­ment break­through and main­tain a healthy weight long-term, you need to cre­ate healthy habits.

Hope­fully, you grabbed a pen and pa­per be­cause when we write down our goals the odds of us reach­ing them in­creases. The odds in­crease again when we al­ready talk and act as if what we want is ours al­ready.

Write this down and fill in the blanks. Read it ev­ery day for the next 30 days:

I love my­self for who I am to­day be­cause I have eas­ily reached my healthy goal weight and I am main­tain­ing it

I have all the willpower and sup­port I need to reach all my health goals

I do not let any­one or any fear stand in the way of my goals

You can make a pos­i­tive change in your life. Start by try­ing this fat-burn­ing recipe.

Healthy habits, rather than di­ets, are the key to main­tain­ing healthy weight in the long term.

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