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All signs: Avoid shop­ping or big de­ci­sions very briefly from 8 to 9:15 p.m. Af­ter that, the moon moves from Sagit­tar­ius into Capri­corn. Aries (March 21 — April 19)

To­day: It’s the per­fect day for a trip. You’re hun­gry for a change. You’ll ap­pre­ci­ate beau­ti­ful sur­round­ings, mu­se­ums and parks

Sun­day: This is the per­fect day for im­por­tant dis­cus­sions about in­her­i­tances, in­sur­ance and shared prop­erty be­cause peo­ple will try to make a de­ci­sion that’s best for ev­ery­one.

This week: Your ruler Mars moves into a hid­den part of your chart. This can trig­ger lit­tle, self-de­feat­ing acts that in­ter­fere with the im­pres­sion you want to cre­ate. You might want to work alone or help oth­ers in a field of ser­vice in the next month. Mean­while, you have in­tense feel­ings about many things be­cause of the place­ment of the Sun in your Eighth House. For­tu­nately, fair Venus op­po­site your sign paves the way for smooth re­la­tions, while Jupiter at­tracts fab­u­lous op­por­tu­ni­ties for the com­ing year to travel or ex­plore ed­u­ca­tion. Tau­rus (April 20 — May 20) To­day: It’s a good day to dis­cuss how to di­vide or share some­thing like an in­her­i­tance or joint­ly­held prop­erty be­cause you will come out smelling like a rose.

Sun­day: Your in­ter­ac­tion with a part­ner or close friend will be deep and pow­er­ful. You might want to im­prove them or make them over. Fo­cus on ways to im­prove the re­la­tion­ship it­self.

This week: For most of this year, Mars has been at the top of your chart arous­ing your am­bi­tion. You’re pumped and mo­ti­vated! How­ever, you do want some bal­ance be­cause you love your crea­ture com­forts. In the next six weeks, your fo­cus will swing to be­ing ac­tive with friends, per­haps even in a com­pet­i­tive way? But it will def­i­nitely be more fun! Re­la­tions with co-work­ers are smooth. Re­mem­ber to get more rest. Gem­ini (May 21 — June 20) To­day: Make an ef­fort to so­cial­ize. A dis­cus­sion with a fe­male friend in par­tic­u­lar will be heart­warm­ing

and re­as­sur­ing for you. You will also re­al­ize how much you care about this per­son.

Sun­day: Look for ways to im­prove your health. Stop or re­duce some­thing that is harm­ful. Like­wise, you might also see ways to im­prove your job through cost­cut­ting or us­ing bet­ter ma­chin­ery or a bet­ter tech­nique.

This week: Mars ush­ers in a sixto eight-week win­dow when your am­bi­tion will be aroused! You are re­ally mo­ti­vated now to go af­ter what you want and will brook no in­ter­fer­ence! This co­in­cides beau­ti­fully with the Sun in your House of Em­ploy­ment. You in­tend to achieve a lot in terms of pro­duc­tiv­ity. In the mean­time, fair Venus in your Fifth House of play, fun, ro­mance and va­ca­tions will re­ward you for your hard work. Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

To­day: This is a pleas­ant day! You’re happy with your To Do list for Sat­ur­day and ready to do er­rands and dif­fer­ent tasks — but you will do them leisurely with joy. You’re in the per­fect mood to be pro­duc­tive and yet, at the same time, have a very happy day.

Sun­day: Par­ents are keen to teach their kids some­thing to­day or train them or help them be bet­ter peo­ple or bet­ter skilled. We all have a de­sire for self-im­prove­ment and an urge to im­prove oth­ers to­day. You might even boost your creative, artis­tic tal­ents!

This week: Gen­er­ally, you need a rea­son to travel. How­ever, in the next six weeks, you want to get outta Dodge! You’re hun­gry for a lit­tle ad­ven­ture! You will also take ad­van­tage of op­por­tu­ni­ties in pub­lish­ing, the me­dia, medicine, the law and higher ed­u­ca­tion. Mean­while, re­dec­o­rat­ing plus en­ter­tain­ing at home will ap­peal. This is your month to howl! Love af­fairs par­ties, the arts and play­ful ac­tiv­i­ties with chil­dren are top choices. Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22) To­day: This is a play­ful Sat­ur­day. Make plans to do some­thing dif­fer­ent. You might want to grab a mati­nee, meet friends for lunch, go for a drive or do some ther­apy shop­ping. Per­haps your choice is to share fun ac­tiv­i­ties with kids?

Sun­day: See what you can do to im­prove your home en­vi­ron­ment. Iden­tify what you can get rid of. Re­cy­cle what you can, set aside things to sell, and set aside things to turf. When you’re sur­rounded by things you don’t need, it’s a bur­den.

This week: Great news! Mars is no longer op­po­site your sign! It’s been a gru­elling year be­cause you have been an­noyed with part­ners and close friends. From here on, you will be more pa­tient, life will be eas­ier, peo­ple will be fun­nier, more light­hearted and co-op­er­a­tive! This means close friend­ships will hum along nicely! Look

for ways to make money from your words be­cause you can. Virgo (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22)

To­day: This is the per­fect Sat­ur­day to hun­ker down and re­lax. It’s been a fast-paced week and you wel­come a chance to un­wind. A con­ver­sa­tion with a fe­male fam­ily mem­ber will be sig­nif­i­cant and pleas­ant.

Sun­day: You will be suc­cinct and pur­pose­ful in your con­ver­sa­tions. You will say what you mean and mean what you say. This is a pow­er­ful day for those of you in sales, writ­ing, act­ing and teach­ing.

This week: You con­tinue to be busy with short trips, con­ver­sa­tions, ap­point­ments plus read­ing, writ­ing and study­ing. Rel­a­tives you haven’t seen for ages are on the scene and per­haps sleep­ing on your sofa and eat­ing out of your fridge. I say this “might” be the case be­cause in the month ahead, you will be less pa­tient with close friends while Mars is op­po­site your sign. Mars will make you as­sertive. You won’t be a door­mat. This in­flu­ence is only for six weeks, so it will be a good thing! You will stand up for your­self and not tol­er­ate be­hav­iour you don’t like. You will con­tinue to at­tract money, while at the same time, buy beau­ti­ful trea­sures for your­self and loved ones. Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22) To­day: You will en­joy your­self sim­ply be­cause you’re in a good mood. How­ever, when talk­ing to oth­ers you want to re­ally share some­thing more deeply. You want to get down to the nit­tygritty of things. Sun­day: You might see new ways of earn­ing money. You might also see new uses or ap­pli­ca­tions for some­thing you al­ready own. This week: In the next six weeks, you will work hard as well as del­e­gate to oth­ers be­cause you have a lot you want to ac­com­plish. For­tu­nately, with fair Venus in your sign, you will be diplo­matic as you or­der oth­ers around. And they will want to do things for you! Stay on top of car prob­lems and such. Al­low ex­tra time for er­rands and ap­point­ments be­cause Mer­cury ret­ro­grade will cre­ate de­lays. But hey, it’s small stuff. Noth­ing will stop you from schmooz­ing and hav­ing fun. Scor­pio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 21) To­day:

You have money on your mind. And at a deeper level, you’re won­der­ing if you are us­ing your pos­ses­sions, wealth and money to their best ad­van­tage. Does what you own make you happy?

Sun­day: You have a strong de­sire to im­prove your­self to­day — in ev­ery way. You want to be the best you can be. What­ever you do to­day in terms of ex­er­cis­ing whether it’s jog­ging or yoga, you will gain more ben­e­fit than usual. It’s al­most mag­i­cal.

This week: This con­tin­ues to

be a pow­er­ful time for you. Put your­self first. Get ready to party and en­joy sports events, love af­fairs, ro­mance, va­ca­tions and play­ful ac­tiv­i­ties with chil­dren be­cause in the next 6 to 8 weeks, this is where your en­ergy will flow. Not only will your in­ter­est in th­ese areas grow, you will fol­low it up with ac­tion and ef­forts to make your dream a re­al­ity. You can count on a fun two months ahead! Get some party clothes or sports gear so you’re pre­pared. You’re gonna have fun! Sagit­tar­ius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)

To­day: You are a bit more emo­tional than usual, but you have a lit­tle bit of ex­tra good luck. Why not test it and ask the uni­verse for a favour?

Sun­day: This is a great day to do re­search of any kind be­cause you have the abil­ity to fer­ret out in­for­ma­tion. You’ll be like a dog with a bone! This week: It’s won­der­ful that Mars is chang­ing signs this week be­cause this will make you friendly and easy­go­ing — more like your light­hearted self. How­ever, Mars will cre­ate in­creased ac­tiv­ity on the home front. Some of you are ren­o­vat­ing or re­dec­o­rat­ing. Oth­ers might have vis­it­ing guests. Yet again, some of you might be mov­ing. What­ever the cause, the next six to eight weeks will be su­per ac­tive at home. There might also be con­flict at home. Re­mem­ber: Pa­tience is the an­ti­dote to anger. Capri­corn (Dec. 22 — Jan. 19)

To­day: You will en­joy soli­tude in beau­ti­ful sur­round­ings. Hope­fully, you can re­treat some­where or sleep in or hide. You’re not be­ing anti-so­cial. You just want a chance to sort things out.

Sun­day: You might at­tract some­one to you who is very pow­er­ful. This per­son might in­spire you or help you. Pos­si­bly, you are the pow­er­ful per­son re­lat­ing to oth­ers and you will in­spire them.

This week: Mars en­ters the part of your chart con­cern­ing daily com­mu­ni­ca­tions and ev­ery­day habits. The tempo of your life will ac­cel­er­ate! Your en­ergy will be high! How­ever, there is a dan­ger of con­flict with rel­a­tives, neigh­bours and sib­lings be­cause you will be com­ing on strong! The rea­son you might be ar­gu­men­ta­tive is you iden­tify with your be­liefs and even your pos­ses­sions. “That’s mine!” Nev­er­the­less, the next six to eight weeks are an ex­cel­lent for those who mar­ket, sell, teach, act or write for a liv­ing be­cause you have tons of en­ergy to back up your words. Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18) To­day: You’re in the mood to schmooze, es­pe­cially with fe­male ac­quain­tances. Meet some­one for brunch. Grab the kids and go to a park. Get out and en­joy the com­pany of oth­ers be­cause you

need the stim­u­la­tion!

Sun­day: Use your in­flu­ence with some­one in power to clean up a sit­u­a­tion that is be­com­ing dis­or­dered. You might want to clean up some­thing in an or­ga­ni­za­tional sense or you might lit­er­ally want to get rid of garbage.

This week: Is it time to swag­ger? Let’s face it — you look fab­u­lous in the eyes of oth­ers! Bosses, par­ents and VIPs are im­pressed. Travel for plea­sure still ap­peals. You are pop­u­lar with groups and friends, es­pe­cially friends from the past. Mars is mov­ing into your Money House, which arouses your de­sire to boost your earn­ings. Mars will in­crease your cash flow, which means you will also be spend­ing more as well. Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

To­day: De­tails about your pri­vate life seem to be pub­lic. For­tu­nately, th­ese de­tails seem to be quite pos­i­tive. Your pop­u­lar­ity is slightly higher to­day!

Sun­day: You will be in­ter­ested in es­o­teric knowl­edge and the se­crets of psy­chol­ogy, the oc­cult, yoga or other self-trans­for­ma­tion tech­niques. You want the an­swers to big ques­tions,

This week: This week Mars en­ters your sign for the first time in sev­eral years and it will stay there for about six weeks boost­ing your en­ergy mak­ing you con­fi­dent (even cocky) and giv­ing you a chance to show the world what you can do. You will be more vig­or­ous in your ap­proach to oth­ers, which is also why you will make a great im­pres­sion on ev­ery­one. How­ever, do not ride roughshod over some­one, which is un­likely be­cause you are a sen­si­tive per­son. You will be more of a fighter for your own rights, and in­deed, you will even fight for the rights of oth­ers! Your phys­i­cal en­ergy will be high and you will be able to do mu­cho work in the next six to eight weeks. Look out, world!

If your birth­day is to­day: Ac­tor Hugh Bon­neville (1963) shares your birth­day to­day. You are ide­al­is­tic and kind, and you have a nat­u­ral warmth. You are also con­fi­dent and have lots of com­mon sense. This year it’s time to em­brace change and new op­por­tu­ni­ties. Ex­pect ex­cite­ment and stim­u­la­tion! Get ready to act fast. Make your per­sonal free­dom one of your goals this year. En­joy travel op­por­tu­ni­ties and chances to ex­pand your hori­zons. If your birth­day is on Sun­day:

Ac­tor Leonardo DiCaprio (1974) shares your birth­day to­day. You ac­knowl­edge be­cause you are in­tel­lec­tual and wise. You can be en­thu­si­as­tic about fresh dis­cov­er­ies. Ser­vice to oth­ers is your theme this year. Fo­cus on your per­sonal re­spon­si­bil­i­ties to fam­ily as well as your­self. Take care of your­self so you are a strong re­source.

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