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CLASSIFIED B19 Thursday, November 22, 2018 CALGARY HERALD Construction & Trades COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL SERVICE & INSTALLATION ovturity to skilled who has a mirimum of 3 yvs. ex evierce wovkirn ir velated fields. Physically demardirn, able to hardle 80lbs liftirn ard has a nood dvivirn vecovd. Com etitive Danes ard Berefits. Call ov Email Rick OacDorald at: Job O Tradespersor Tickets & Memberships 403-299-0340 [email protected] Customer Service Auctions Pair of Grey Cup tickets for sale STORAGE AUCTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Healthcare & Pharmaceutical that or Novembev 28, 2018 at 11:00 am at U-Haul, 520 Oevidiar Road NE, Calnavy, AB a PUBLIC AUCTION will be held to satisfy a lardlovd’s lier betweer U-Haul Co. of Southevr AB ard the followirn terarts: James Ovv, Oichael Devev, Covy Ca lette, Jocelyr Po owich, Jose h Dilsor, Tammy Fvemstad, Arnelita Kosowar, Nick Adamsor, Tvoy Cuvtis, Tim Datkirs, Victovia Goudveau, Davwir Hoonerboom, Dustir Semeriuk, Letisha Bakev, Bviarre Chabay, Destiry Oc hee, Bavt Roy, Scott OcKay ard Stacey Halvovsor. Cegtne field fon dAme of the yeAn! $480.00 [email protected] Legal & Tender Notices CARRIERS NEEDED Operatig$ Roo4 Nursig$ Opportugities ig BC NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS Estate oF Karl Eirar TorFasor, eho died or August 17, 2018 Ane you Ag exjeniegced OjenAtigd Room Nunse on Licegsed PnActicAl Nunse? If so, Igtenion HeAlth hAs cAneen ojjontugities fon you to mAximize youn skills Agd be jAnt of A dygAmic teAm At the RoyAl IglAgd HosjitAl ig KAmloojs, Bnitish ColumbiA. Jobs.IgtenionHeAlth.cA AIRDRIE Legal & Tender Notices We are lookig$ for reliable igdiriduals to delirer the Cal$ary Herald/Sug. Must hare reliable rehicle If you have a claim anairst this Estate, you must file youv claim by Decembev 22, 2018, with Solicitovs fov the Pevsoral Re vesertative Attertior: File: 88757-1 at 2800, 801 6 Averue SD, Calnavy, Albevta T2P 4A3 ard vovide details of youv claim. If you do rot file by the date above, the Estate vo evty car lawfully be distvibuted without venavd to ary claim you may have. Notice oF Corporate Dissolutior To All Creditors oF ard Claiqarts Agairst WATFORD CITY SELF STORAGE CDN GP LTD., AND WATFORD CITY SELF STORAGE CDN LP (collectively the “Ertities”) Call Larry 403-607-1796 Customer Service Walsh LLP, All evsors ov ovnarizatiors havirn claims anairst ary ore of ov all of the above Ertities ave vequested to vesert them ir wvitirn by ro latev thar Decembev 10, 2018 to: 83 Cha mar Road SE, Calnavy, Albevta, T2X 3R2. Each claim must cortair the followirn irfovmatior: 1) Name, cuvvert addvess ard tele hore rumbev of the claimart; 2) A cleav ard corcise statemert of the facts su ovtirn the claim; 3) The date the claim was ircuvved; ard 4) The amourt of morey claimed. Katharire Zharg CARRIERS NEEDED CARRIERS NEEDED Brid$elagd, Maylagd Hei$hts, Regfres, Hugtig$tog Hills, Wigstog Hei$hts, Crescegt Hei$hts, Kigcora, Eragstog, Hiddeg Valley, Pagora4a, & Coregtry Acadia, Altadore, Bagkries, Mougt Royal, Britaggia, Victoria Park, Ig$lesood, Fairries, Dou$lasdale, Parklagd, Woodbige, Cedarbrae, McKegzie, Cragstog, Midgapore, Sugdagce, Shasgessy, Lake Bogarista Business Services CALL US Legal Advisory Services fov the cost-corscious. Catevirn to the small ard medium sized busiress who reed limited, or-noirn lenal sevvices, without ayirn exovbitart houvly vates. Fov clierts who wish to have limited ir-house coursel, with a lawyev dedicatirn a fixed multi le of / days/week. Ouv vates ave sinrificartly move affovdable thar those chavned by most law fivms fov com avable levels of ex evtise ard sevvice. FIRST Call Felix 403-616-7527 TO SELL IT FAST Call Chris 403-826-9427 Vacation Properties 403-818-8886 Looking for more exposure? By Oerer $329,900 Assessed $349,900 Log Shoehoqe 3 bdr. 2bath.Sleeps 10 Near Radiuq BC Valley Edge Resort Quit, Gated, Ski, GolF, 403-617-9402 [email protected] CARRIERS NEEDED Arbour lake, Citadel, Dalhousie, Hasksood, Royal Oak, Ragchlagds, Rocky Rid$e, Royal Oak, Scegic Acres, Silrer Sprig$s, Tuscagy, Ed$e4ogt & Varsity Condos & Apartments Advertising Business for Sale Works! Queerslard SE 2 bdvm cordo, bi-level. Close to amerities.$230,000 Call Ji4 403-462-2273 [email protected]$aryherald.co4 The 403-830-9807 SOUTHDEST- *MAJOR COFFEE FRANCHISE* HARDWOOD !! Surry. $795 403-229-0819 By Bobby Wolfe Ore of the most beautiful stoves ir the chair! Dith 1,861 sq. ft. & 36 seats, this south erd coffee sho is well established. Comes with atio ard all fov Business for Sale CARRIERS NEEDED Excellegt 20 yeAn OkAgAdAg busigess ojjontugity sith AgguAl get igcome of $275,000. Busigess cogsists of commenciAl/ nesidegtiAl lAgdscAjigd, innidAtiog Agd sigten sgos cleAnigd sith 4 tnucks eluijjed sith sgos blAdes Agd sAgdens. Osgen is netinigd Agd cAg offen excellegt tenms to nidht jAnty. CogtAct 250 490-6167 [email protected] om ONLY $195,000. *EDMONTON OPPORTUNITY* Bagff Trail, Bosgess, Bregtsood, Capitol Hill, Silrer Sprig$s, Charlessood, Mogt$o4ery, Mt Pleasagt, Varsity Estates, Suggyside, agd Valley Rid$e Gveat locatior ard lots of otertial! Restauvart with 2,300 sq. ft. ard nood lease vate. ASKING Call Tad 403-808-5626 [email protected]$aryherald.co4 $265,000 as asset sale or $295,000 to becoqe part oF the Frarchise! *GREAT BEDROOM COMMUNITY* Po ulav & busy vestauvart with excellert ve utatior & locatior. Corce t car be ke t ov charned. Beautiful atio. Comm. & Indust. Prop. for Sale ASKING $179,900. *NATIONAL BRAND PIZZA FRANCHISE * CARRIERS NEEDED Sugdre GnAvel jit og 152 Acnes fon sAle. 6 miles NE of Sugdne. $2,500,000.00 CAll: 403-638-6439 [email protected] sss.sugdnehome Fartastic o ovturity to joir a nveat fvarchise. Restauvart has 2,860 sf ard 88 seats, Sales ovev $2O. Dell-located ir hinh-ircome reinhbovhood. Hards-or owrev/o evatov will do vevy well! Abbeydale, Coral Sprig$s, Marlborou$h, Forest Lasg, Dorer, Te4ple, Pigerid$e, Rugdle & Falcogrid$e Call Cathy 403-630-6203 [email protected]$aryherald.co4 PRICED TO SELL AT $659,000. *EXCITING DOWNTOWN* Lost & Found FOUND Oer’s bvacelet. Please call to idertify if youvs. Fourd ir Killavrey/Destbvook avea SD.403-244-7410 Busy 2-level vestauvart ir su ev locatior. Sales $2.5O avn. ev yeav. Lease set to 2025. Vevy vofitable lurch ard ha y houv tvade. Dogs NOW REDUCED TO $698,000 Eqail [email protected] GORD HYLAND Cockapoos CARRIERS NEEDED vet heAlth centified Agd shots $1,900.00 CAll: 403-396-4021 "Calgary Restaurant Relator" Max Well South Star Realty Bus 403-253-5678 Cell 403-703-7827 Ligcolg Park, West Sprig$s, Coach Hill, Lakeries, Si$gal Hill, Strathcoga, Pattersog, Rich4ogd Hill, Gla4or$ag, Glegbrook, Coach Hill & Killargey *Reliable rehicle Required Firewood Dhole dvied ard littirn fivewood. $10 ev avm full. Ir ND Calnavy. 403-202-3242 Questions on bridge can be sent to: Aces on Bridge; c/o United Media; 200 Madison Avenue; New York, N.Y; USA; 10016. Not every question can be answered but they will all be considered. Copyright United Features Syndicate. s Call Wegdy 403-874-9371 Try an online ad on

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