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CLASSIFIED B17 Thursday, December 13, 2018 CALG ARY H ERALD Customer Service CARRIERS NEEDED Services Customer Service Acadia, Altadore, Bamkyie0, oumt Royal, Britammia, Victoria Park, Im5le0ood, Fairyie0, Dou5lasdale, Parklamd, Woodbime, Cedarbrae, cKemzie, Cramstom, idmapore, Sumdamce, Sha0messy, Lake Bomayista Astrology, Mediums & Psychics ASTROLOGER, PSYCHIC & SPIRITUALIST Call Chris 403-826-9427 PANDIT RAJA RAM JI CARRIERS NEEDED MASTER IS HELPING PEOPLE ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS Brid5elamd, aylamd Hei5hts, Remfre0, Humtim5tom Hills, Wimstom Hei5hts, Crescemt Hei5hts, Kimcora, Eyamstom, Hiddem Valley, Pamorala, & Coyemtry IF YOU HAVE BELIEF IN YOURSELF, COME & MEET ME & GET 100% SOLUTIONS SORT OUT ANY KINDS OF PROBLEM IN 48 HOURS. MASTER IN BRINGING BACK LOVED ONES CARRIERS NEEDED Call Felix 403-616-7527 I REMOVE PROBLEMS: I GIVE SOLUTIONS: Condos & Apartments •Bad luck •Depression •Suffering •Embarrassment Hardtime •Drinking problems •Witch craft •Jadoo •Evil spirit •Evil eye power •Spousal •Jealousy conflicts •Curse, etc... •Love & Marriage •Children/Family •Education problems •Child mistake •Business •Health •Family problem •Financial matter •Court case •Job •Divorce •Lotto number •Miscarriage Arbour lake, Citadel, Dalhousie, Ha0k0ood, Royal Oak, Ramchlamds, Rocky Rid5e, Royal Oak, Scemic Acres, Silyer Sprim5s, Tuscamy, Ed5elomt & Varsity Wanted Christnas Mo9ey SOUTHaEST- HARDWOOD !! aill Buy Sc2a7 Ca2s o2 U.wa.ted Dead o2 Alive Call /Text Su..y. $795 403-229-0819 Call Jil 403-462-2273 [email protected] • 587-577-5771 Business for Sale Legal & Tender Notices NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS Palm Reading, Face Reading, Horoscope FOR APPOINTMENT. PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL Estate of James Natthew Dufo2d who died o. July 23, 2018 If you have a claim this estate, you must file you2 claim by Ja.ua2y 20, 2019 a.d 72ovide details you2 claim to Jo.atha. Nk 100% RESULTS GUARANTEED! 403-872-0717 *MAJOR COFFEE FRANCHISE* CARRIERS NEEDED Calgary Northeast O.e of the most beautiful sto2es i. the chai.! aith 1,861 sq. ft. & 36 seats, this south e.d coffee sho7 is well established. Comes with 7atio a.d all fo2 Bamff Trail, Bo0mess, Bremt0ood, Capitol Hill, Silyer Sprim5s, Charles0ood, omt5olery, t Pleasamt, Varsity Estates, Summyside, amd Valley Rid5e Contractors & Skilled Trades of Arch echamical Plulbim5 amd Heatim5. Nou ONLY $159,000. *NEIGHBORHOOD PUB* Call Tad 403-808-5626 [email protected] Plumbii8 aid Heatii8 commaiy that smecialize ii Resideitial aid Li8ht Commeocial. Ue offeo a vaoiety of seovices foom oemlacemeit, oemaio oo ie6 coistouctioi. No job is too small aid all 6ook is immootait to us. Call: 587-891-3238 [email protected] at UNDERaOOD GILHOLNE 210, 4954 Richa2d Road S.a. Calka2y, Albe2ta T3E 6L1 If you do .ot file by the date above, the estate 72o7e2ty ca. lawfully be dist2ibuted without 2eka2d to a.y claim you may have. Na locatio. with 2,781 sq. ft. a.d 100 seats (7lus 60 o. 7atio). Sales $1.25N $1.3N. Has 3 VLTs. NOW $399,000. *GREAT BEDROOM COMMUNITY* ONLY Po7ula2 & busy 2estau2a.t with excelle.t 2e7utatio. & locatio.. Co.ce7t ca. be ke7t o2 cha.ked. Beautiful 7atio. Sell It Fast! AdOertIse CARRIERS NEEDED NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAINANTS Estate of Na2y You.k, who died at Coch2a.e, Albe2ta o. July 7, 2018 If you have a claim this estate, you must file you2 claim by Ja.ua2y 21, 2019 a.d 72ovide details of you2 claim with: Joh. E. Fletche2 Co27o2atio. Ba22iste2s a.d Solicito2s 415, 10325 Bo.ave.tu2e D2. S.E. CALGARY, AB T2J 7E4 If you do .ot file by the date above, the estate 72o7e2ty ca. lawfully be dist2ibuted without 2eka2d to a.y claim you may have. ASKING $179,900. *ROYAL OAK WINNER * The Abbeydale, Coral Sprim5s, arlborou5h, Forest La0m, Doyer, Telple, Pimerid5e, Rumdle & Falcomrid5e Beautiful coffee sho7! 1,800 sq. ft. with 66 seats. Buy the busi9ess $159,000 or Buy the co9do $1,195,000. Enail [email protected] GORD HYLAND Call Cathy 403-630-6203 [email protected] "Calgary Restaurant Relator" Max Well South Star Realty Bus 403-253-5678 Cell 403-703-7827 South Okama5am busimess for sale CARRIERS NEEDED Excelleit 20 yeao Okaia8ai busiiess ommootuiity 6ith aiiual iet iicome of $275,000. Busiiess coisists of commeocial/ oesideitial laidscamii8, iooi8atioi aid 6iiteo sio6 cleaoii8 6ith 4 toucks e9uimmed 6ith sio6 blades aid saideos. O6ieo is oetioii8 aid cai offeo excelleit teoms to oi8ht maoty. Coitact 250-490-6167 [email protected] Limcolm Park, West Sprim5s, Coach Hill, Lakeyie0, Si5mal Hill, Strathcoma, Pattersom, Richlomd Hill, Glalor5am, Glembrook, Coach Hill & Killarmey *Reliable yehicle Required NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF FIRST NEETING OF CREDITORS I. the Natte2 of Ba.k2u7tcies Call Wemdy 403-874-9371 the of ASPEN AIR CORPORATION AND ASPEN AIR U.S. CORP. of the City of Calka2y, i. the P2ovi.ce of Albe2ta. Notice is he2eby kive. that the above .amed co27o2atio.s we2e deemed to have filed ba.k2u7tcy o. the The fi2st meeti.k of c2edito2s fo2 the Com7a.ies will be held o. the Investors & Investments Fi.a.ce I.su2a.ce I.vestme.ts 2eal estate Ge2ma.y mailto: [email protected] CARRIERS NEEDED 7th Decenber, Re2est day of 2018. AIRDRIE 20th day of Decenber, 2018 at 10:00 AM, at the office of the Trustee at 700, 850 29d Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 0R8. We are lookim5 for reliable imdiyiduals to deliyer the Cal5ary Herald/Sum. ust haye reliable yehicle Lost & Found Lost Do5, 3 Le5s Call Larry 403-607-1796 Boo6i/black - like small coyote oo shemheod. Piik collao. 250-331-1743 To be e.titled to vote at the meeti.k you must file with us, 72io2 to the meeti.k, a 72oof of claim fo2m, a.d whe2e .ecessa2y, a 72oxy. Please co.tact Jose7h Sitholé at [email protected] if you 2equi2e i.fo2matio. o2 to obtai. a c2edito2’s 7ackake. A beautiful ad belongs here Auctions Schlalz Auctioms.col dddddddddddddd hold STALPS,COIN SAT,DEC 15 9AL CALGARY TILE LIVE ONLINE, PA,SK. DELOITTE Restructuri9g I9c. Suite 700 Ba.ke2s Cou2t 850 - 2 St2eet Sa Calka2y, AB T2P OR8

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