Calgary Herald : 2020-05-30

OPINION : 14 : A14


A14 SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2020 CALGARY HERALD make today little Let’s a easier Our efforts have provided relief to over 775,000 individual and business customers across Canada to date. Reach out to your broker or visit to learn more about our ongoing relief measures : Personal auto insurance premium reductions of 15%, on average, for three months to reflect changes in driving habits. You can update your personal driving habits through your broker or by filling out a simple online form at Flexibilit­y for those who are using their cars and homes during the crisis for different purposes, like making deliveries or running a business from home Premium adjustment­s for small and medium-sized businesses that are now closed or have been severely impacted in terms of sales receipts or payroll Personal auto insurance premium reductions of 75% per month, on average, for as long as customers park and safely store their vehicles Premium adjustment­s for change of use or storage of commercial vehicles Waiving of missed payment fees and flexible payment options, including payment deferrals These relief measures will be in place up until and including June 30, 2020. Take advantage of our relief measures today. Contact your broker or visit for more informatio­n. © 2020 Copyright Intact Financial Corporatio­n. All Rights Reserved.

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