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YOU B12 THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2020 CALGARY HERALD PAID ADVERTISEM­ENT New Pill Strengthen­s The Bladder Muscles, Reducing Accidents and Bed Wetting A pill recently approved by Health Canada to improve urinary incontinen­ce. By Dr. Stephen Klayman, DC. TORONTO: Adult diaper sales are expected to plummet following results from a clinical trial on a new, patented bladder control pill. Sold the brand name the new pill contains an ingredient that keeps the bladder from releasing voluntaril­y, which reduces accidents and frequent bathroom trips. under Urivarx®, While the exact mechanism is unknown, doctors believe the pill targets the tiny muscles around the bladder, which helps the bladder create a tighter seal. This would explain why the average user in clinical trials experience­d a 66% reduction in urinary incontinen­ce symptoms, such as day and night leaking and sudden urges to urinate. Urivarx® NEW DISCOVERY IN BLADDER CONTROL Experts Predict a Pill Will Replace Adult Diapers: The pill, called Urivarx, has been shown to reduce urinary incontinen­ce symptoms by 66%. Risk Free Supplies being offered to Readers who qualify. Until now, doctors believed it was impossible to strengthen the muscles that control the bladder. They are amazed to see that it can now be done with a pill. Research shows that as we get older, the muscles which surround the bladder weaken. This is caused by hormonal changes in the body that causes the muscles to atrophy and weaken. I’m so glad I did! The urgency is gone and I no longer feel like my bladder is about to explode. I can also “hold it” when I need to so I’m no longer living in constant fear of finding a bathroom.” “As you get older, and the involuntar­y muscles around your bladder weaken, you lose urinary control. With your bladder wall unable to properly seal, you constantly leak and feel pressure to urinate” explains Dr. Stephen Klayman. NOW APPROVED FOR OVERACTIVE BLADDER & INCONTINEN­CE When they become too small and weak, they cannot seal your bladder shut, which causes leaking, accidents, among other incontinen­ce symptoms. During clinical trial of researcher­s found that one pill daily can strengthen your bladder fast, significan­tly reducing the urinary urgency and leaks. the Urivarx®, targets the bladder muscles and help restores vital kidney health, reducing urgency and frequency. In the case you really have to “go” it helps keep the bladder sealed tighter until you find a bathroom. “Urivarx® It also prevents your bladder from fully emptying, which can result in persistent bacterial infections and UTIS. The double blind, placebo control study took place in two primary care centers where 150 male and female participan­ts with bladder control issues were separated into two groups. The first group was given a placebo while the other received FREEDOM FROM SUDDEN URGES AND LEAKS active ingredient targets the muscles around the bladder, making them stronger. Supporting ingredient­s in support kidney function and overall urinary health. Urivarx’s® Since hitting the North American market, sales for the patented pill have soared and there are some very good reasons why. Urivarx®. Urivarx® Remarkably, participan­ts who received saw major improvemen­ts in leaking, pressure, and the urgency to go − all without the usual side effects seen in prescripti­on drugs! They also reported fewer trips to the bathroom both day and night. Urivarx® Urivarx® To begin with, the results from its recent double blind clinical trial were truly remarkable. Out of the 150 test subjects, participan­ts taking saw a stunning reduction in urinary frequency, which resulted in fewer bathroom trips both day and night. BLADDER PROBLEMS GONE Urivarx® With daily use, can restore strong bladder control and help users overcome leakage without the negative side effects or interactio­ns associated with drugs. Urivarx® Overall, the group experience­d: 56% Reduction in Urge Incontinen­ce 66% Reduction in Stress Incontinen­ce 61% Reduction in Urgency 33% Reduction in Frequency 46% Reduction in Nighttime Bathroom Trips 475% Decrease in Diaper/pad Use Urivarx® • They also experience­d a dramatic decrease in incontinen­ce episodes, such as leaking and bed wetting. • Leakage sufferers can now put an end to the uncontroll­able urges, the embarrassi­ng accidents, and enjoy an entirely new level of comfort and confidence. • Although these results almost unbelievab­le, Klayman is not surprised. • The patented-ingredient blend in targets the bladder muscles which are absolutely vital for regaining control. • Urivarx® • HOW TO GET URIVARX® IN CANADA Research has shown that as you get older, certain hormonal changes in the body cause these muscles to shrink and become lose. This is what causes the bladder to be over active and the resulting urine accidents. Additional­ly, at the end of clinical trial and after seeing the results, 84% of the participan­ts taking Urivarx® said it significan­tly improved their quality of life. All together, the study earned Urivarx® the Health Canada approval for overactive bladder and incontinen­ce. This is the official release of in Canada. As such, the company is offering a special discounted supply to anyone suffering from bladder issues who calls within the next 48 hours. Urivarx® EXCITING RESULTS FROM URIVARX® USERS Many users say their bladders have never been stronger. For the first time in years, they are confident and in complete control. Adult pads and diapers are no longer a big worry. Urivarx® “The clinical findings are incredible, but people still wonder if it will really work” explains Dr. Klayman. “It’s normal to be skeptical, but we’ve seen thousands of users get results exactly like the participan­ts in the study. It’s an amazing product.” A special hotline number and discounted pricing has been created for all Canada residents. Discounts will be available starting today at 6:00AM and will automatica­lly be applied to all callers. Urivarx® “After my third child, I couldn’t control my bladder. I was running to the bathroom all the time! And once I hit my 60s it became so unpredicta­ble I needed to wear adult pads every day” explained one user. HOW IT WORKS Your Toll-free Hotline number is 1-800-320-7068 and will only be open for the next 48 hours. Only a limited discounted supply of is currently available in your region. is a pill that’s taken just once daily. It does not require a prescripti­on. However, is approved by Health Canada. Urivarx® “I was embarrasse­d so before going to my doctor I decided to try Urivarx® and Urivarx® The active ingredient­s patented natural extracts. are URIVARX IS APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA AS A NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCT FOR THE FOLLOWING INDICATION­S; HELPS REDUCE SYMPTOMS OF OVERACTIVE BLADDER SUCH AS DAYTIME URINARY FREQUENCY, URGENCY, AND NOCTURIA.

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