Liv­ing with or Wor­ried About Some­one Suf­fer­ing with Chronic Knee Pain?

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If you or a loved one suf­fer from chronic knee pain - then at­tend­ing this Work­shop is a MUST.

Join us to un­lock the mys­tery of your knee pain and we will show you a way to get back to the life you de­serve.

A life where nav­i­gat­ing stairs with­out the worry of your knee giv­ing out or pain that stops you in your tracks is a thing of the past.

A life where you can en­joy leisurely walks with friends and fam­ily with­out the worry of knee pain de­cid­ing whether you’re go­ing to make it or not.

A life where you can pick up and play on the floor with your grand­kids with­out the worry of knee pain pre­vent­ing your abil­ity to get back up. You want the abil­ity of en­joy­ing your best life in­stead of knee pain forc­ing you to watch from the side lines. Here’s What You’ll Learn At This New Work­shop:

• The 7 ur­gent cop­ing strate­gies ev­ery knee pain suf­ferer must never for­get when knee pain strikes!!

• Why 50-53% of peo­ple make their own knee pain WORSE by do­ing just this one thing wrong!

• The 7 free things you can do to pre­vent surgery.

This work­shop is FREE. No one will ask you for money so call and start liv­ing your pain free life. Re­serve your seat at our work­shop on-line on Tues­day June 16th, 2020.

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