Calgary Herald : 2020-06-17

SECTION : 22 : B4


SECTION B4 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 2020 CALGARY HERALD YES, WE’RE OPEN AGAIN! REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS 9:00AM - 4:30PM EVENING APPOINTMEN­TS AVAILABLE H metahar ignti g nteaoi. ..lonuo o d fwororking? u yhoeulp? d t Is e V vae rysotiln e SAVE $1,200 l heb re to We re OFF • Imagine hearing clearer at ywou r xt ilt y chelelb raytoio n.with e anre e hfeam re o p your hearing services • In ic sbpeeinc s ot n nceo w d tyeocuh nlovlo gyones • u all of a set Liihnexarq­inugaatitd­roso! He6e60a0rd­inaygtarar­iaidl aassettoff­liinx Quattro 9 Hearing Aids! 9 s!! • Imcalignin e gi alb le o mmheunairc­iantge waiit h r ed even in a noisy restaurant. • Health and safety for our clients is our top priority Pre-screening of all patients inibna g l deisvtaen caingain. Appropriat­e PPE supplies in place idn e ervliciet s ll aivoa ilarbelech­argeable • Imagine not having to cmhaintga e tstoecriia­e s r Tchuerbss e hearin Es W hisuti m n devices make ever thin easeier Call one of our clinics today to see if you qualify for our 60-day trial! Locally owned and operated for over 20 Years! www.calgaryhea­ Market Mall Profession­al Building Marlboroug­h Mall Sunterra West #130 – 4935 40th Ave NW Calgary, AB T3A 2N1 230 433 Marlboroug­h Way NE Calgary, T2A 5H5 432-1851 Sirocco Dr. SW Calgary, T3H 4R5 (403) 202-0700 (403) 262-2839 (403) 215-3662 Also available at Calgary Ear Centre by calling Macleod Trail Strathmore Heritage Profession­al Centre 100 8180 Macleod Trail S Calgary, Alberta T2H 2B8 Crystal Ridge Family Med. Ctr. 55 Wheatland Trail (403) 262-2839 (403) 685-0810 (403) 252-4879 *See clinic for detials. Offers expire March 31, 2020

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