Calgary Herald

A responsibi­lity to look after others


Please help me understand. Yes, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees myriad freedoms in normal times. In extraordin­ary times, the government may impose some limitation­s.

Do those Albertans, who have been attending anti-masking rallies, have family and friends over 60 or with health issues? Who own or work in small businesses? Who work in the health-care system? Do they have children attending elementary schools? Are they expecting to be cared for in our hospitals if they or their loved ones fall ill for whatever reason? Do they wear seatbelts? Do they enjoy our smoke-free indoor environmen­ts? Would these Albertans have closed their black out curtains during the blitz on London in the Second World War?

As human beings, we have the responsibi­lity to look out for one another. This may mean a shrinking of our rights at times. Please look outward and think about your neighbours. Sara Cross, Calgary

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