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Give a hand to those folks who need it


Help one, help many. When I created this call to action for the Calgary Herald's 2011 Christmas Fund campaign, I had a feeling those words would resonate with readers. When you help one person, that reverberat­es beyond the intended individual to positively impact the community at large.

Each year, the Herald chooses charities to support through the Christmas Fund and, in touring those charities, I had the opportunit­y to step into the lived experience­s of many struggling Calgarians.

At the Calgary Food Bank, Community Kitchen and Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids, I saw first-hand what goes into feeding Calgarians who are food insecure. I walked the halls of the Dream Centre and toured the floors of the Calgary Drop-in Centre.

I spoke directly to facilitato­rs at Fresh Start Recovery Centre. I will never forget my tour of the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter.

These visits opened my eyes to how we can show compassion for others. Everything from dropping off food at the food bank or essential items at a shelter, making a donation, or sharing homemade snowflakes at a senior's residence.

There are people everywhere who need compassion. When you help one, you help many.

Congratula­tions to the Calgary Herald on 30 years of manifestin­g compassion in our community through the Christmas Fund.

Erin Leggett, Calgary

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