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- Melissa Hank

What's in a name? Pet care service Rover has released a list of the most popular pet names of 2020, and it suggests that dog owners like to eat — a lot. Of the top 100 names for female dogs, the most popular food-themed ones were Pepper, Ginger, Olive, Honey, Cookie, Mocha, Sugar and Peanut. For males, only Oreo and Peanut made the list.

But certain types of names saw a boost this year, like carb-heavy comfort food.

Roti, Tart and Arepa made gains, as well as Pumpernick­el, Crackers, Waffles, Croissant, Toast and newcomer Sourdough. Coffee-themed monikers included Barista, Espresso, Coffee and Brew.

Among popular alcohol-related ones: Pinot Noir, Whiskey Girl and Whiskey Bear. Outside of food-related names, ones inspired by the coronaviru­s pandemic were Covi, Rona, Corona and Fauci.

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